7 Spooky Places to Visit in South Jersey

South Jersey is home to some very creepy places – haunted houses, prisons, and churches, as well as being a home to the legendary Jersey Devil. So if you’re looking to do something thrilling this Halloween, check out these 7 Haunted Attractions! You never know who or what you might encounter… 1. Berry’s Chapel In the woods of Quinton, NJ Berry’s Chapel was once a small African American settlement in the woods when slavery was still around – now it lies in ruins. The church was built by a pastor named Berry and it was burned down twice. If you go out there now, sometimes you can see the church fully intact and burning. 2. Burlington County Prison Corner of High Street & Grant Street, Mount Holly, NJ The Burlington County Prison has been featured on Weird NJ and has been investigated by Ghost Hunters and many other paranormal reason teams. From 1811 to 1965, the prison was home to male and female inmates, including convicted murderers who they held in their maximum security dungeon. There were many escape attempts – some ended disastrously – and at least two guards died at the hands of escaping prisoners. Historians believe that some successful escapees were never found. On the third floor, cell five is haunted by the ghost of Joel Clough, convicted of stabbing his girlfriend to death. After being hanged in 1833, guards and inmates have reported strange phenomena such as hearing sounds of moaning and rattling chains, seeing floating items and apparitions inside the empty cell. Even after the prison closed, Clough’s ghost tormented the workers who were restoring the prison. This historical landmark now operates as a museum where visitors can tour the haunted prison Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for a very low admission fee. 3. Gabreil Daveis Tavern House 503 3rd Avenue, Glendora, NJ The Gabreil Daveis Tavern House, also known as the Hillman Hospital House, was built in 1756 near Big Timber Creek and housed boatmen who used the creek to ship goods to Philadelphia. It was designated a hospital by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. The tavern has had many ghost sightings and stories over the years. The original furnishings are still in the house and there are still bloodstains in the attic. On occasion, people have observed someone walking in the upstairs rooms, lights in the windows, and strange sounds of people suffering. 4. Historical Society of Haddonfield 343 Kings Highway E, Haddonfield, NJ Greenfield Hall, which serves as the headquarters building for the Haddonfield Historical Society, is the third home built on the property which was given by Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh to her first cousin John Gill I in 1728. There have been quite a few ghostly encounters in the hall – come see for yourself and visit during the annual Haunted Haddonfield Walking Tours and the Haunted Mansion. 5. The Pine Barrens The Pine Barrens are home to miles of trees and sandy roads, but it is also home to the infamous Jersey Devil. Designated as the country’s only state demon in 1938, the Jersey Devil is said to prowl through the marshes of South Jersey and rampage through the towns for more than 250 years. The legend is that in 1735 Mother Leeds had 12 children, and after finding out she was pregnant for the 13th time, cursed the child in frustration. During labor while her friends were gathered around her, Mother Leeds gave birth to a normal child, who then changed into a creature with hooves, a goat’s head, bat wings, and a forked tail. Gowling and screaming, it killed the midwife before flying up the chimney and headed into the pines. 6. The Ritz Theatre 915 White Horse Pike, Haddon Township, NJ The Ritz Theatre opened as a vaudeville theatre in 1927. When it first opened, performers often worked and slept in the theatre. Witnesses have had numerous experiences with these burlesque ghosts from the early days such as weird photos with glowing orbs in them and hearing someone tap dancing through the halls. One stage manager even said that one of the ghosts tugged on the scarf she was wearing around her neck! The Ritz Theatre is still in operation, so the best way to get an up close and personal experience of this haunted site is to go see a performance there. 7. Whitall House 100 Hessian Avenue, National Park, NJ James and Ann Whitall’s house became a temporary field hospital for soldiers injured in the Revolutionary War during the 1770’s. The ghosts of the dead soldiers are said to haunt the attic and cause visitors to experiences voices, moans, and even cold temperatures.The Perceptive Paranormal Research group investigated the house and reported ghosts touching them, a dizzying feeling, and evidence of strong paranormal activity. If you’re interested in visiting this haunted house, plan a visit! Admission is free at the Whitall House.