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Common Sense, a book written by Thomas Paine and published in 1776, challenged the authority of the British government and advocated for the independence of the colonies from Great Britain. One can't help but wonder if perhaps Great Britain wasn't importing good beer to the thirsty colonists. Common Sense Brewing's name was influenced by Thomas Paine and his book, but there will be no need for independence here. Once you try the beer at Common Sense, you will, in fact, be giddily dependent. Some things you just won't want to give up.

Common Sense Brewing is located in the beautiful downtown district of Bordentown, only steps away from where Thomas Paine once owned a home. Set amongst the eclectic shops and wonderful restaurants on a brick lined street, you feel the sense of history around this craft brewery. In fact, America's first sculpturess, Patience Wright, lived next door.

Started by longtime homebrewer Marc Selover, his wife Robin, and Eric Eaves, Common Sense welcomes you with eight beers on tap. Their flagship Paines Porter is a hit. This chocolaty, dark beer, with hints of nuts, gets rave reviews. If you're not into dark beer, no worries, try the Raspberry Saison, a lighter, slightly sour beer. Or if you like IPAs, the Crosswicks Creek IPA will please you immensely. It's at once floral nosed and citrusy with hints of pine. Indecisive? Order a flight. This brewery will be serving up wheat beers as well. Be sure to check this website for the latest beer menu.

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**This excerpt is from Maureen Fitzpatrick's book Guide to New Jersey Craft Breweries, South Jersey Edition 2019. 


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102 Farnsworth Avenue, Bordentown, New Jersey 08505