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Lower Forge Brewery

Walking along the colonial style brick inlay through Main Street in Medford, you might happen upon a beautiful, yellow stucco building surrounded by barrel style planters filled with colorful flowers. Once the home of the old Medford Print Shop, Lower Forge Brewery welcomes you first with its exterior, and then with its impressive interior. Romantic stringed lights adorn the ceiling and walls, lending to the relaxing feeling of being in an outdoor beer garden. Repurposed wood and windows add to its rustic, yet elegant decor.

Lower Forge Brewery is the perfect addition to this quaint town in Burlington County. Owned by the gracious and knowledgeable Sean Galie, his wife Abby, and his mother Pola, Lower Forge has the feeling of family written all over it. In fact, this brewery is particularly family friendly, and even outdoor pet friendly. It's not unusual to see families enjoying food from one of the many surrounding eateries while chatting with Pola and friends. An outdoor seating area allows for enjoyment of a beautiful evening in the adorable downtown.

Opened during American Craft Beer week in May 2016, Lower Forge is proud of brewing a variety of beers to please multiple palates, even those who are just entering the first craft beer stage...novice. After drinking years of Bud or Miller, delving into the world of craft beer can be both exciting and daunting. Lower Forge has a cure for that. One taste of their When Life Gives You Lemons radler and you will understand. It's delicious, crisp, and fresh; the perfect choice to please a rookie. Here, there is something to please every palate. Favorites include Legends and Lies Belgian ale, and the heartier, dry Irish stout, Major's Irish Stout.


**This except is from Maureen Fitzpatrick's book Guide to New Jersey Breweries, South Jersey Edition 2019.

Contact Information

Thurs. 5-10pm, Fri. 4-10pm, Sat. 2-10pm, Sun. 1-10pm
14 South Main Street, Medford, New Jersey 08055