Sketch Club Players of Woodbury

Sketch Club sees the importance of an arts filled life, and strives to bring meaningful, fulfilling, and exciting theater experiences to Woodbury and the surrounding Gloucester County communities through the production and presentation of live theatre.In addition, Sketch Club sees the cultivation of audiences of discrimination and erudition as integral to recognizing and appreciating the high artistic standards brought to live theatre performance. Sketch Club sees and understands the need for creating a supportive and nurturing environment for young talent to develop, bring to life original works, and perform, within a structured program designed to allow creativity to flourish and impact performers and audience personally, professionally, and spiritually by encouraging, training and developing artists, playwrights, theatrical technicians, and theater musicians. Sketch Club sees the benefit of preserving and chronicling the history of its theatre building, a national historic landmark and encouraging the community to be part of its historical vibrancy.


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Contact Information

433 Glover Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096