10/20/2017 - 10/21/2017


All Day

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Uptown Pitman is bringing Free Art Friday to the first Harry Potter Festival in Pitman in the form of Harry Potter themed art drops! The Free Art Drop event is not affiliated with the actual festival event.

What is Free Art Friday? How Do I Make An “Art Drop?”

Free Art Friday is a global movement to provide free art to the community in a scavenger hunt-like fashion. (1) Create a small-ish piece of art! For this event, please consider making Harry Potter themed art. Examples include, but are not limited to: a painting/drawing, an art print, a photo, poetry, a short story or novel draft, etc. (2) Put a tag on the art to let the passersby know it’s free for the taking. Include your name and/or their Facebook Page name on the tag, along with #fafsouthjersey. If you have an Instagram handle, include that too! (3) Place your art in a public area where it will be seen and picked up–preferably on a Friday, but for this event, they will be placing art in Pitman on Friday and Saturday (10/20-10/21). (4)Take a picture of your art in its public location. Post this photo on social media to leave a “clue” for someone who might be out scavenger hunting for art drops. (5) Casually walk away! Hopefully your piece of art finds a good home! If someone finds the art, they can come to you post and let you know it has been “claimed.”


South Broadway and Pitman Avenues Pitman, NJ 08071