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The Haddonfield Outdoor Sculpture Trust (HOST) presents a new 450-pound bronze baby elephant sculpture into the Haddonfield Children’s Sculpture Zoo. The sculpture, modeled after a real-life orphaned baby elephant found in Kenya in 2014, will be unveiled on Thursday, August 5 – the real-life elephant’s 7th birthday – with a parade and party, costumes, masks, toys, and treats for his human fans. There will be water ice as well as free popcorn provided by Sparrow’s. The event is rain or shine, and children of all ages are invited to dress in costume and/or bring their own stuffed animals.

Found wandering Kenya’s remote Ndotto hills at just 48 hours old, confused, alone and scared in a throng of sheep and goats, the real-life elephant was rescued by local tribesmen, rehabilitated at the world-renowned Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and named Baby Ndotto – “our little dream.”

The sculpture, created by acclaimed Australian sculptors Gillie and Marc, is one of three life-size versions of Ndotto; the other two are located in New York and London. The sculpture was crafted in China in early 2021, and is 54 inches tall, 54 inches long, and 35 inches wide. It will live in peace with other Zoo residents including a bronze life-size giraffe, bunny, toad and sea lion, and a bench of lions and griffins at the Haddonfield Children’s Sculpture Zoo.


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