04/20/2020 - 04/22/2020


All Day

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In support of the arts, human creation, collaboration and hope to gather again together soon enough in the name of ART…

MADE Artisan Marketplace is calling all creatives and their families to create and design a flag to show their support of the Arts.

Here’s what to do:
-Use products from home to create a flag of artwork
-Hang it in the front of your home, on your property for walkers, joggers, drivers by to see
-Take a picture and send it to them with a short briefing of who you are (name of people who created the flag) art discipline type (if any..really doesn’t matter,) what inspired the look of your flag and what you hope others see when they see this flag hanging outside of your home

All artists may participate and ALLLLLLLLL may participate. That’s everyone—visual artist, musicians, art teachers, art enthusiast, actors, mom, dad, kids, grands, fire fighters, lawyers, senators, doctors, nurses, neighbors…everyone! But just remember, you have to do it in your home. IMPORTANT: We are not suggesting you gather at each other’s home to do this flag.

REMEMBER this is a CALL TO ALL and a wonderful way to create as an individual or family and show your love for art. There is no wrong way to do this. There is no experience necessary.

Here are some tips:
-Tie dye (use some old tie dye laying around your home..maybe what you had after Easter Egg dying) or make your own natural tie dye
-Sew fabric remnants together
-Draw/Paint on old fabric from your home that you once considered damage and now it’s getting a makeover

-Flag can be any size

-Don’t have a flag pole to hang flag…okay well you don’t need one. Use an old broomstick and somehow incorporate that on your front lawn.

-Hang your flag from tree limbs on your property.

-Hang your flag from your gutters with twine

Asking for picture submissions with brief three to five sentence write up by April 20th so they can put together a virtual display by April 22nd. The virtual display/show will be how others see your work. IMPORTANT: We do not encourage you to invite people over your home to view it.

Honestly, I can go on but you get the picture, submit to

Happy creating and thanks for reading and thanks in advance for participating


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