7:00 pm

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Join Pinelands Adventures Director of Education, John Volpa, for a two-part lecture series exploring these fascinating and complicated issues. Each lecture can stand alone but attending both lectures will provide a more complete persepctive. Take a quick trip through Earth’s past and gain a fresh perspective on humanity’s future.

The first presentation looks back in time and the second presentation starts with human history and looks into the future.

February 21
Pine Barrens Time Machine is a hands-on presentation taking the curious on a journey into Earth’s past. Inspect rocks, fossils, and get your hands dirty exploring our planet’s past. See how the land that became New Jersey and the Pine Barrens evolved over time.

February 28
The interactive Fire Sparks Humanity’s Journey examines our species’ place within the biosphere and our current window of opportunity to shape the future of life on Earth. We synthesize a wide variety of topics to hopefully create a new perspective and a new level of critical thinking resulting in postivie personal social action.


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