7:00 pm

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Pinelands Speaker Series: Connecting Geologic Time and Human History to 21st Century Living

Scientific thinking inspired the Great Enlightenment which sparked revolutionary thinking about an individual’s ability to direct social change. Interconnected fields of study in the twenty-first century point to the need for a social reboot for peace and our long-term survival.

Join Pinelands Adventure’s Director of Education, John Volpa, in our newly renovated warm and cozy barn at the headquarters of the Pinelands Preservation Alliance, for an interactive hands-on exploration of life on earth synthesizing a variety of scientific topics into a meaningful and relevant experience. John combines thirty-seven years of public education experience and twenty years of leading outdoor adventures with his passion for the environment into lively evenings of thought provocation. Take a quick trip through Earth’s past and gain a fresh perspective on humanity’s future.

Pine Barrens Time Machine is a hands-on presentation taking the curious on a journey into Earth’s past.


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