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Hello all, since the park is in its slow time of the year, we were thinking maybe we could show some love to another local organization. We would like to ask our followers to consider donating to the local animal shelter. In the comments below we have listed items in need for the Pennsville Animal Shelter. However any donation is gladly accepted. We will be setting up a tent near the welcome center off of cemetery road for dropoffs.

  • Dry Cat Food
    -Wet Cat Food (pate preferred for hiding medicines)
    -Dog Food (wet and dry); they use Purina One Lamb and Rice to avoid digestion problems but will donate what they receive and cannot use to their own contact; Pedigree Canned Food
    -Kong Toys
    -Dog Treats (the smellier the better)
    -Pine Pellets for Litter (horse section of Tractor Supply)
    -Kitten Milk Replacement (Powder)
    -Dry Kitten Food
    -Wet Kitten food (patte)
    -Fleece Blankets


454 Fort Mott Rd. Pennsville, NJ 08070