2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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Join Charles White for our “Walk in the Wild”. HE WILL BE DISCUSSING BUSHCRAFTING – THE ART OF SMOOTHING OR MAKING EASIER ONE’S TIME IN THE WOODS, OR ON THE TRAIL. We will discuss, demonstrate and practice skills that will make our time away more enjoyable.  Participants will be provided with a starting list of sources for further reading, along with a basic list of tools and equipment to pack along, on a day hike and an extended stay.

Charles White describes himself as an “old boy scout”.  Charlie’s love of the outdoors started early in the woods of Quebec and along Lake Ontario.  Since then, Charlie has camped, hiked, canoed and kayaked throughout the Northeast, Southeast and Southwest, mostly as a solo hiker.  He has also organized and led many groups as they ventured into the outdoors.

We will meet at the Willoughby House at the end of Pine Avenue, off Good Intent Road in Blackwood Terrace (Deptford) or you can put “340 Pine Ave. Deptford” into your favorite mapping service.  There is an additional small parking lot available at the end of Rankin Ave ,one block from Pine Ave.

Please check or the Facebook page for changes, directions, information and questions.  Contact Charles White 856 217 9138.  Car pooling recommended.  FREE and open to all.


340 Pine Ave Deptford, NJ 08096