Everyone in South Jersey is in a very similar situation right now, staying at home (or going to an essential job and then staying at home). Many of us are missing our local parks, our friends, and general spring adventures. So, we thought it would be fun to get a hashtag going to share some of the beautiful photos you have stored in your camera roll from past years exploring in South Jersey, or any you’ve captured during this time of social distance so that we can all explore a little bit of South Jersey virtually together. Let’s have some fun and share some positivity during all of this.

  • Simply post on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #southjerseytogether
  • Landscape shots are amazing, but so are fun neighborhood pics. Just share those lovely spring views!
  • We’ll feature several posts every week (with credit to the original poster)

*Getting outdoors is great for everyone’s overall mood, but PLEASE if you’re heading out to enjoy the view, keep the social distancing rules in mind so that we can slow the spread and get back to normal adventuring as soon as possible*

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