Amico Island Park

Amico Island Park is a 55-acre peninsula featuring a diverse collection of habitats and terrain. With upland forests, freshwater ponds and wetlands, river shoreline and meadows, visitors can enjoy hiking, biking, fishing and picnicking in a rustic natural setting at the confluence of the Rancocas Creek and Delaware River.

The park also offers beautiful river vistas and wildlife observation opportunities. Overlook areas are sited to capture stunning viewsheds of the waterways and marinas surrounding the park. Due to the location next to the Delaware River and surrounded by water on three sides, Amico Island hosts more species of birds than any other County Park. One can also see an incredible diversity of other wildlife in the changing seasons.  While hiking the trails, visitors are likely to see white-tailed deer, cottontail rabbits, hawks and eagles soaring over, and great blue herons.  The small island in Dredge Harbor visible from Amico’s South Overlooks is an active great blue heron rookery, hosting 100 nesting herons every March-June.


Kid Friendly, Pet Friendly

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81 Norman Ave. Delran, NJ 08075