We are entering into an exciting new era of tourism in the region—one that will broaden existing and new channels to expand the exposure of your organization and its events.

In 2023, supporters can look forward to:

– Enhanced listings on our website
– Website. and newsletter advertising discounts
– Discounts in our official Visitors Guide
– Coordinated posts in our social media channels and via periodic press opportunities

Our goal is to build a tourism community like no other through strategic promotions and meaningful engagement that create conversations about our supporters, resulting in a sense of connectedness for all who visit and live in South Jersey.

Become a Supporter of Visit South Jersey

Visit South Jersey is offering a supporter level opportunity for those interested in sharing our mission in promoting our region. This supporter level is great for hotels, restaurants, small businesses, arts, history and cultural organizations, and any other business or organization that feels tourism is important to the quality of life and economic well being of a region.


Looking forward to a game-changing 2023!

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