Axe & Arrow Brewing

Though a lockman in Scotland is known for being an executioner and a fletcher is an arrow make, don't let either frighten you. I promise that Josh and Kystle Lockman don't want to execute anyone with Greg Fletcher's arrows. In fact, the opposite is true. Their beer is the arrow that will pierce and revitalize you and make you hope to live long enough to come back fro more...and more...and more.

Diving into the history of their Scottish heritage to come up with the alliterated, fun name of Axe & Arrow, the owners Krystle, Josh, and Greg, hope to lore you to their brewery for their delicious beer and pleasant ambiance; no kilt necessary.

The first thing you'll notice as you enter is a large tasting room painted a warm olive green with a big enough bar to find that empty sweet spot to squeeze in and enjoy a beer. The tall ceilings and gray tiled floor give the feel of coziness and airiness at the same time. It's the perfect place for a small gathering, with plenty of space to mill around.

Axe & Arrow Brewing was the brainchild of the trio. Greg abd Josh started brewing separately about six years ago. At a barbecue one evening, the talk turned to craft breweries and cool locations to build one. That conversation, innocent as it was, sparked a concrete desire to actually create one.

After considering the farmland where Krystle and Josh live, a more densely populated Glassboro called to them. Axe & Arrow is in a perfect location, a part of Rowan Boulevard. Their entrance is on the square where multiple events happen year round. There is plenty of parking. Two parking garages are within a short walk to the brewery and a larger shoulder allows for streeet parking.

Axe & Arrow plans on filling twenty taps eventually, but in the beginning look for six to ten taps filled with such beers as the Axe, a double IPA and the Arrow, a West Coast IPA. Also on the menu should be Krystle's favorite, a Hefeweizen called Squeaky Wheel, named after her continued urging to the guys to brew her favorite beer. Lagers, porters, coffee stout, seasonal and others will make their debuts at some point as well.

**This excerpt is from Maureen Fitzpatrick's book Guide to New Jersey Breweries, South Jersey Edition 2019.

Contact Information

105 West High Street, Glassboro, New Jersey 08028