cedar rose vineyards

Cedar Rose Vineyards


The vineyard is a dynamic environment where conditions are constantly changing. In order to maintain the highest quality standard for our fruit, our production practices must evolve alongside these changes. Attention to detail is a priority, and the cornerstone of our management program. Timing is crucial, and vigilant observation of the weather is paramount. In the end, the ultimate goal is to harvest our fruit at the zenith of quality, and to choose a style for each individual lot that will demonstrate the greatest attributes of the fruit and the vintage.


We believe that wines are made in the vineyard. The unique characters, the flavors, the differences between varieties, are largely responsible for the distinct personality of a wine. While the influence of the winemaker is critical to creating beautiful wine, we believe that role should be one of guidance rather than direction. The winemaker should act as an instructive parent, correcting unacceptable actions and praising positive ones, rather than a drill sergeant, commanding direction and action. Each wine, from variety to variety, field to field, and vintage to vintage, is unique. And when they are treated as such, from vine to bottle, individuality arises.

These distinct wines are akin to different colors on an artist's palette. This allows the winemaker a great degree of creative flexibility when designing and blending finished wines.


There are thousands of different grape varieties in the world. Through blending, winemakers have produced millions of different wines. Much of the mystique of wine comes from this vast variation in types and styles. This gives us humans an incredible opportunity to compare, contrast, discuss, and simply enjoy so many different kinds of wine. To us, this is the essence of wine appreciation; the ability to taste wines, compare their attributes, and discuss these qualities with other people. Once you begin to discern what makes one wine different from another, something amazing happens. You begin to notice things. The wines from dry vintages are more concentrated. Those from wet vintages tend to be thinner. You start to pick up on nuances derived from differences in oak aging. You begin to discern the difference between aroma and bouquet. Eventually you realize that well-made wine is a living record, of the vigneron's decisions in the vineyard, the vintage that produced the grapes, and the creative process of the winemaker.


More than anything else, wine is made to be enjoyed and shared by people. This is facilitated by knowledgeable pouring staff who can answer questions from guests in the tasting room. Anyone pouring for guests will be educated on the composition, style, and general winemaking practices involved with each wine, as well as information on the varieties that go into the wines. If you want to simply enjoy the wine and not ask questions that's fine too, but we want to make sure there are educated staff available to help you find the wine that is just right.

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