Cross Keys Brewing Co.

After searching for over two years to find the perfect location for their craft brewery, owners Alice and Alan Gorney and Evan and Tamika Fritz found an old candle factory, a building big enough the fit their vision. Of course, with every new venture there are sure to be stumbling blocks, but with vision, this team put theirs to good use. In the old factory, there was once a twentry by sixty by ten foot high mezzanine. In order to get their tanks to fit into the correct space, the mezzanine has to come down. What started iff as difficult, ended up as style. The bar, tasting room molding, and logo have all been crafted from that stubborn mezzanine. The urban industrial style space now includes the comforting feel of home, brought to you by the reclaimed mezzanine wood, yet offers enough space for a party.

Naming themselves after what was once a 1700s stagecoach stop at the corner of Route 555 and Main Street, Cross Keys Brewing Co. is a stop you won't want to miss. With a goal of sixteen taps, many rotating, Cross Keys offers some excellent flagship beers just waiting for you. Goliath is an imperial stout with oats, a dark bold beer fit for a warrior. Or try Pour Decisions, a refreshingly smooth farmhouse ale. Also on the menu is the Blonde Stranger, a light and drinkable American Blonde Ale. Key to Hoppiness is a double dry hopped IPA waiting to be your key of hoppiness, though it will also bring you happiness. These tasty brews will soon be joined by a chorus of others just waiting to be enjoyed. In the bear future, you can expect to see some interesting keys securely embedded on the bar under clean epoxy. After all, what is Cross Keys without, well, keys!

**This excerpt is from Maureen Fitzpatrick's book Guide to New Jersey Breweries, South Jersey Edition 2019

Contact Information

1038 North Main Street, Williamstown, New Jersey 08094