Flying W Airport & Resort

Flying W Airport & Resort was built in the 1960s by Bill Whitesell; hence the "W" in its name. Mr. Whitesell initially envisioned a place to provide air transportation services to those involved in building the Alaska Pipe Line. He also wanted to provide a place where both travelers and local families could dine in the fine restaurant, stay in the quaint Flying W Motel, and swim in the famous airplane-shaped swimming pool. Over the years, the restaurant and lounge have provided enjoyment to many who still visit to share their wonderful memories.

Today you’ll find that Flying W maintains the same experience imagined by Mr. Whitesell, with quality service provided in our motels, restaurants, and other entertainment services for locals in Medford, Mt. Laurel, and Lumberton, as well as people flying to/from New Jersey to enjoy. In addition, Flying W provides a stress-free testing center for aspiring pilots to reach their dreams.


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60 Fostertown Rd., Medford, NJ 08055