Maskells Millpond Wildlife Management Area

Maskell’s Mill Wildlife Management Area offers boat and canoe access to Maskell’s Mill Pond. This hidden pond lies within a deciduous oak-pine forest and is a favorite with fishermen. The southern arm of the pond is more secluded than other access points and has a wooden bridge that visitors can walk or drive over. Green Heron are often seen from the bridge, along with Great Blue Heron and Great Egret. During the warmer months, red-eared sliders and painted turtles bask on logs protruding from the water while Tree Swallow flit across the sky. Northern Cardinal and Carolina Wren are the predominant species heard and seen in the forest, although the occasional Red-eyed Vireo can also be spotted. Wildlife watchers who keep their eyes on the ground may be able to see an eastern box turtle moving slowly through the underbrush. To the enjoyment of its visitors, the forest provides a much needed stopover point for migratory birds in spring and fall.


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