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Maugeri Farm Market

Open for only three years and a family-run business, Maugeri’s has grown a following of loyal customers. The Maugeri's have been farming in Woolwich Township for three generations. Joe and Sam Maugeri, the brothers who now run the farm, took over from their father, who took over from his father. Their grandfather came to the United States from Sicily in 1922 and bought his first farm in Woolwich in 1928. They now have about 600 acres of land on which the family has continued to grow corn, tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, asparagus and more.

A few years ago, Joanne and Karen Maugeri — Sam and Joe’s wives, respectively — expressed interest in creating the farm market, and the family started building. Surrounded by the family’s farm, the large, red, wooden structure stands out on Oldmans Creek Road and inside, the neatly displayed, colorful produce stands out from your average farm stand.

“We’re not on a traveling route, so we are more of a community-based, neighborhood market,” Joe Maugeri said. “We really wanted it to be a place that when people saw it, they say ‘I want to go there.’”  With hand-picked produce every day and mere feet away from the building, you can’t get any more fresh than that! Relax on their outdoor seating area with free Wi-Fi and a view of the cornfields .



Contact Information

1991 Oldmans Creek Road, Swedesboro, New Jersey 08085