Medford Historical Society

The mill was declared a State Historical Site in July of 1971, and was placed on the National Register of Historic Sites in September of 1972. It is the hope of the Medford Historical Society to restore the complex to working order so that our generation and future generations can wander back into the past and see part of early Americana.

To date, restoration efforts have included the replacement of a working Waterwheel, along with the necessary foundation, shafts and gearing etc. to once again operate a pair of millstones. The Mill Complex has an extensive collection of antiques and an interesting museum that includes a Country Store, a Milliner's Shop, Print Shop and a Carpenter Shop. There is also a working Blacksmith Shop and Sawmill.

The Mill complex also includes a storage barn, sawyer's house and a carriage barn. We plan to convert the storage barn into farming museum, the Sawyer’s house will become a historic library and research center and the carriage barn will store our historic wagon collection.

In addition to the mentioned buildings the Society restored and maintains the Cross Keys School House. This is the last standing one room school house in Medford.

The mission of the Medford Historical Society is to research, record, preserve, maintain and promote the general history of Medford and Medford Historical Society holdings, making them available to the community, schools, and other organizations.

Contact Information

275 Church Road, Medford, NJ 08055