Mick’s Canoe & Kayak Rental

Micks rents canoes and kayaks for trips on the rivers of Wharton State Forest in New Jersey. Each rental includes transportation to and from the river, paddles and life vests. We have trails from 2 to 8 hours for one low price. Micks is the closest livery to the Wading and Oswego Rivers, providing fast, courteous, and inexpensive canoe and kayak rental services in the Pinelands.

The rivers have gentle waters and the forest has a natural beauty everyone in your group can enjoy. Be sure to have a camera ready as you drift by remnants of Colonial settlers, towering Pitch Pines and beaver dams. Relax, picnic, or swim along one of the many beaches. We invite you to hang out in our backyard and discover all of this for yourself!


Kid Friendly

Contact Information

3107 ROUTE 563 CHATSWORTH, NJ 08019