Mullica Hill Floral Co.

Established in 1987 by Hildegarde Mirenda, the studio is a reflection of our European roots, focusing on the use of flowers as artistic expression. As a collaboration of female artists and designers (yes we’re all related!) Mullica Hill Floral Co. combines over 50 years of experience between the mother/daughter duo of Hildegarde Mirenda and Rosalie Oland.

From a family of eccentric artists came a love of flowers: from our great Oma’s floral studio in Manhattan to our Uncle Joe’s nursery (we consider housing plants in the bathtub and roadside foraging our normal). Together as a team, we execute every wedding, event and daily order, sourcing from our own gardens and local flower farms whenever possible.

Drawing inspiration from nature, art, and our Omas’.

Our studio is LGBTQA+ inclusive, and welcoming to all.

We also love dogs, please feel free to bring yours for a visit!


Pet Friendly

Contact Information

37 S. Main St. Mullica Hill, NJ 08062