Strawbridge Lake Park

One of Moorestown’s most unique areas,  this 70 acre park was built as part of Roosevelt’s New Deal initiatives and the Works Progress Administration efforts from 1931-1941.  The lake was built by employing local residents during the Great Depression and by securing donations of parcels of land.  The Strawbridge Family donated the largest parcel thereby the name, Strawbridge Lake.  New playground equipment was added to the park in January 2021 - swing sets and play equipment, including ADA accessible pieces, for children of all ages. The lake offers residents fishing, kayaking and canoeing access, plenty of open space and walking, running and biking opportunities.  There are 2 boat launch areas marked for easy parking and access to the lake.

The Children's Pond is located adjacent to the Strawbridge Lake Park playground.  In the past, it has served as a popular fishing spot. The NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife stocked the Children’s Pond in September 2021 with 100 2" largemouth bass, 250 2-3" bluegill sunfish, and 3,000 adult fathead minnows.

A memorial garden in memory of Annalise Schultz was dedicated in September 2021.  To learn about Annalise, please visit www.AmazingAnnalise.com.



Handicap Accessible, Kid Friendly, Pet Friendly

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Haines Dr, Moorestown, NJ 08057