Westville Brewery

The little town of Westville has some celebrating to do. A new brewery has been born into the downtown. Located along the main business area in Westville, Westville Brewery is a welcome addition to the cute town. Owners Mike Gordy, Pam Gordy, John Metz, and Chuck Eckert, have joined forces and beer brewing knowledge to craft some great brews ready for your drinking pleasure. This nanobrewery will bring pints of fun to the area in the styles of porters, ales, mango wheat, IPAs, saisons, and more!

With six to eight beers on tap, Mike explains there is something to please every palate. His Pipe Wrench Porter is a must try. Mike has been perfecting his recipe for Pipe Wrench Porter for years, and he is looking forward to serving it to you.

The tasting room of this craft brewery pays homage to the firehouse it used to be. Firehouse red dons the walls, and historical thematic photos of local firehouses and firefighters will soon be up. Brewing beer is not always easy. Just ask Pam who is learning the ropes from her veteran partners. While brewing her very first batch, the full five gallon pot was too heavy for the ceramic top stove. After hearing a large cracking sound, she noticed a large crack in her burner. She switched burners and continued on. Soon, another large crack was heard. She knew the other burner had fractured as well, but with the perseverance of a seasoned brewer, she continued boiling anyway and made a fine beer. Her partners joke that it was a five hundred dollar price tag for a five gallon batch of beer. Yes, she needed a new stove after that. But practice makes perfect, and the beer is as close to perfect as you can get.

**This excerpt is from Maureen Fitzpatrick's book Guide to New Jersey Breweries, South Jersey Edition 2019.

Contact Information

201 Broadway Suite B, Westville, New Jersey 08093