Culturally, South Jersey’s arts and entertainment scene is built on the passion and ceaseless devotion of its communities. The undercurrent of painters, crafters, musicians, and other performing artists throughout the region influences its personality and charm; and in turn, gives them a platform for creative expression.

With the number of concert venues and theaters packed into the region, odds are there’s a concert or performance happening right now. Catch an orchestra known for developing the talents of countless aspiring musicians, or see a local playwright’s story unfold in a historic theater known for hosting iconic performances.

Fine arts in South Jersey are also underpinned by a cottage-industry culture of skilled crafters, jewelry-makers, photographers, painters, and glass workers. While many create in their homes, some are set up in permanent, shared workspaces for collaboration and education purposes. Regardless of where they’re based, these entrepreneurs often band together to host special neighborhood shows, markets and festivals in the hopes of inspiring the next wave of young artists and honoring their craft.