Tinybeans: 8 Spooky Ghost Towns You’ll Want to Visit with Your Kids

These towns are full of gold rush history and a bit of spooky lore as well.

Don’t wait for Halloween to plan a visit to these spooky spots. Ghost towns hold an element of curiosity even among adults so planning a visit with your kids to one of the many ghost towns in the United States can turn into a fun adventure. From ziplines to train rides, mine tours to gold panning, what’s not to like about a ghost town getaway? Bonus: it’s the perfect way to sneak in a little history lesson while you travel!

Visit South Jersey’s own Batsto Village was featured as one of 8 national locations. 

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Batsto Village Ghost Town | New Jersey

Ghost town scene with restored structures located in green meadows
Established in the 1700s, this area had an abundance of bog ore which could be mined from local streams and rivers, and wood from the area’s forests was harvested for charcoal for smelting the ore. During the Revolutionary War, Batsto manufactured supplies for the Continental Army. The last house was vacated in 1989. Today there are more than forty sites and structures in Batsto Village that are open for visitors.

Kids will love: Structures include the Batsto Mansion, a sawmill, a 19th-century ore boat, a charcoal kiln, ice and milk houses, a carriage house and stable, and a gristmill.

Online: batstovillage.org