Nerd Mall

The Nerd Mall is a unique one-stop shop for board games, action figures, video games, comic books and more! Check out the departments below and swing by their shop in Downtown Woodbury to browse for yourself.

Tiki Tiki Board Games: Tiki Tiki is Southern New Jersey’s leading board game retailer. We are dedicated to keeping the games of yesterday fresh in your mind, while introducing you to the new classics.

Luke & Cade's Toy Chest: Action Figures, Games, Graphic Novels and Collectibles. Unlike most big box toy stores, we offer more of a personal service. If you are looking for something, and don't see it, just ask.

*GRAND OPENING* SNIKT Comics: SNIKT Comics joins the Nerd Mall with over 10,000 back issue Comics, hundreds of Graphic Novels and New Weekly Releases.

ABXY Video Games: Buy-sell-trade pre-owned and vintage video games, systems and accessories!


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164 S Broad St, Woodbury, NJ 08096