09/24/2016 - 09/25/2016


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Historic Soldiers Weekend returns for 2016 for our 12th Annual Event–

Come for the event and help support Historic Fort Mott!

About Historic Soldiers Weekend
Now in our 12th year, Historic Soldiers Weekend is a historical encampment, featuring re-enactors and their equipment from every American conflict, spanning the French & Indian War to the Vietnam War. In some instances, both sides of the conflicts will be present, such as the Revolutionary War loyalists and “redcoats”, Civil War confederate units, and WWII German infantry units.

Re-enactment units will be camping out for the weekend at Historic Fort Mott, living as their ancestors did. Journey back in time to give yourself and your children, students and guests a chance to see, hear and touch real history through the life of a typical soldier during the French & Indian War, Civil, World Wars and beyond.


454 Fort Mott Rd. Pennsville, NJ 08070