Taking its name from the Delaware Memorial and Commodore Barry Bridges, which traverse the nearby Delaware River, the Two Bridges Wine Trail takes visitors on a tour of nine local vineyards in five South Jersey towns across two counties. Dining, shopping, and other local attractions punctuate the 53-mile-long trail comprising Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery, Bellview Winery, Cedarvale Winery, Chestnut Run Farm, Coda Rossa Winery, Heritage Vineyards, Monroeville Vineyard & Winery, Summit City Farms & Winery and Wagonhouse Winery. Enjoy the scenery of South Jersey’s coastal and watershed areas, its wild forests, and the lands carved by the Delaware River as you cross from vineyard to vineyard, sampling the local color and culture of the area.



Cedarvale Winery

Opening in October 2008, Cedarvale Winery has been a long time dream of owners Ed and Marsha Gaventa. A successful fourth-generation farmer, Ed has applied his skills to crafting a variety of fine fruit and grape wines. Our estate grown wines include Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Syrah, as well as several fruit wines. Marsha will easily guide you through your selections and help you to select the wine you are looking for.

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Heritage Vineyards

Seeing the potential of the emerging wine industry in Southern New Jersey, Bill Heritage, with the help of his wife Penni, started converting their 150 estate of peach & apple orchards into vineyards. The winemaking team lead by Sean Comninos, consults with John Levenberg who is responsible for producing 23 wines rated 90+ points by Robert Parker, including two 100-point wines. Bill and Penni have established Heritage Vineyards to fulfill their commitment to six generations of farming the same property.

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Summit City Farms & Winery

Summit City Farms and Winery has been run by the DeEugenio Family for nearly100 years.  We have been growing crops on over 500 acres of pristine and bucolic farmlands in Gloucester and Salem Counties New Jersey.  The Winery is currently offering over 25 different fruit and grape wines - dry and sweetened. All are welcome to visit our historically appointed tasting room just a few blocks from Rowan University.

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Monroeville Vineyard & Winery

John and Debra Basile purchased their farm in 2009 with the intention of starting their winery. John is a 4th generation home wine maker who has been sharing his wine with friends and family for over 20 years. He is a scientist by trade and has a great passion for winemaking. Debra’s degree is in Agricultural Economics and Environmental Science. They are a great team, have been married for over 20 years and have 5 children. John and Debra have always dreamed of living off the land and enjoy the challenge of the vineyard!

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Coda Rossa Winery

Our passion for wine goes far beyond the delicious aromas and flavors that exist within each bottle to the unique experience that takes place when the wine is shared. Moments with family and laughter with friends, infused with the spirit of great wine, make memories that we cherish long after the bottle is gone. Named for the red-tail hawks that live in our vineyard, Coda Rossa Winery is a New Jersey winery located in the heart of Franklinville, that features both New Jersey and California wines.

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Bellview Winery

Located on soil that the Quarella family has been farming for a century sits one of New Jersey’s premier wineries. Bellview Winery, which opened its doors in 2001, has become a destination for more than just locals. Over the years Bellview has hosted wine lovers from across the country and abroad who have been very pleased to have stumbled upon our tucked away tasting room. Jim Quarella, founder and president of Bellview Winery, takes pride in crafting fine estate wines exclusively from the grapes that are cultivated on Bellview's 40 acres of vineyards.

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Chestnut Run Farm

Bob and Lise Clark began farming orchard fruit nearly three decades ago. Asian pears have been a specialty of Chestnut Run Farm since its early years. Since transitioning to wine in 2006, their eight varieties of pears have been used to make Chestnut Run Farm’s award-winning Asian pear wines which range from a dry single-varietal, to a ginger-spiced sweet Asian pear wine which won a double gold medal in last year’s Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

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Wagonhouse Winery

In early 2004 Dan and Heather decided to start a vineyard and winery. They leased some land from Dan's family who had been farming in Mickleon for over a century, planted some grapes and hoped for the best! Six years, 15 wines and three little boys later, they are still moving forward with all the energy and creativity they started with! The name, by the way, came from the old wagonhouse on the family farm.

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Auburn Road Vineyard & Winery

Everything we do is art. What makes us different? At Auburn Road the wine, the art, and the experience are truly like nowhere else. From grape to glass, and vine to table we ensure that "Everything Matters".

Visit us at the Enoteca, our European-style Vineyard Wine Bar, Patio and Courtyard surrounded by the vines– where we combine a cool vibe and down-to-earth attitude with excellent wine. Let us seat you at your table and have our wonderful team of servers take good care of you. Relax at the Enoteca with a glass of wine and try out wood fire pizza or flatbread, or our Buddha Baskets full of all kinds of delicious artisan goodies.

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