The Madison & Madison Pub

Although the name has changed many times throughout the years, this century-old tavern has been around for a very, very long time! Opened in the early 1900s, The Madison Hotel offered weary travelers a place to enjoy a meal and room to rest for the night. Located in the heart of Riverside NJ, The Madison Pub has always been a popular local destination.

What started out as a friendly, neighborhood corner tavern, is now part of The Madison, which encompasses a large portion of the block. In 2007, Cafe Madison and an elegant Martini Bar were added. The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of the Cafe, with the open kitchen and soaring ceilings, offered a fine dining oasis unique to South Jersey. The Madison expanded again, adding space for wedding receptions and private events.

In addition a beautiful outdoor Courtyard provided the dynamic setting for dining in the open or a picture perfect wedding ceremony. As with every other business, The Madison changed and adapted to the reality of operating in the post global pandemic. While the Cafe and Courtyard are currently hosting private functions, The Madison Pub continues to be a friendly place to rest and enjoy a meal, meet new people and greet old friends.

There is truly no other place like The Madison Pub and we look forward to raising a glass to the challenges and triumphs of the future. Cheers


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Contact Information

33 Lafayette St., Riverside, NJ 08075